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Friday, 1 July 2016

Roman Abramovich funds group of kids to Euro 2016

Roman Abramovich has helped fund a group of children's trip of a lifetime to Euro 2016.
Mr Abramovich, owner of Chelsea is the largest donor of the "Fulfilling Dreams" charity, which sends kids suffering with serious illness to football matches across the world.

A group of 55 children from Israel and their carers watched three matches at the finals in France this month courtesy of the charity, which is run by 23-year-old volunteer Gilad Salter.
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Salter's charity, which is a non-profit organization and runs solely through the generosity of volunteers, has received acclaim from Israeli media for its work.
Abramovich became aware of it through Avram Grant, a former Chelsea and Israel coach.

"It was four years ago that I decided I really wanted to do something for the community," Salter, who runs a small business which organizes trips abroad for young people, told CNN.

"Taking kids to the 2012 European Championship finals in Ukraine was brilliant but I wanted to do something bigger."

The group saw Slovakia's last-16 game with Germany in Lille.
They attended three games while in France.
Abramovich also helped part-finance a trip to the World Cup in Brazil two years ago.
The group was treated to plenty of excitment at Euro 2016, with watching Germany the highlight.

"I just didn't have the funds, so I opened an organization and went to meet with donors to help finance the project."

"I couldn't believe how generous he was," Salter says of the Russian. "He sent us some money and said, 'Thank you for doing something so special -- it's my honor to help you."

"I think what appealed to Mr. Abramovich was the fact that this was a charity run by volunteers, with nobody benefiting financially.

"We had a meeting with all the kids going on the trip and we sent him an email with some photos. He's really interested in what we're doing and wants to help."

Salter, a Manchester United fan, has been liaising with charities across Israel to find children who fit the criteria for a place on the program.

"We try to take different children on our trips to make sure everybody gets an opportunity," he says.

"I think this year we've only got a couple who have been before -- but sadly that's because we're worried they might not be around in another two years."

"Going to the Euros means the world to me," Priel, a 15-year-old with cerebral palsy, told CNN, "I can't really describe what an impact that this experience will have upon my life."

A spokesman for Abramovich told CNN: "He is generous with a lot of worthy causes, many of which are focused on helping children.

"Fulfilling Dreams fits that profile, providing a wonderful service to some very special kids and helping them to live out their dreams of being able to travel to major football tournaments."

According to Forbes, Abramovich is worth $7.9 billion and is the 151st richest person in the World! Quite an achievement!