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Friday, 1 July 2016

Roman Abramovich funds group of kids to Euro 2016

Roman Abramovich has helped fund a group of children's trip of a lifetime to Euro 2016.
Mr Abramovich, owner of Chelsea is the largest donor of the "Fulfilling Dreams" charity, which sends kids suffering with serious illness to football matches across the world.

A group of 55 children from Israel and their carers watched three matches at the finals in France this month courtesy of the charity, which is run by 23-year-old volunteer Gilad Salter.
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Ten year Old boy with Obese issues weighs 192 KG


young Arya Permana is named the world’s fattest child, Arya is just 10 years old but weighs192 kilograms and has been forced to wear just a sarong as normal clothes do not fit him. He is suffering from a morbidly obese issues.

The boy, from Cipurwasari village, in West Java, Indonesia, has been named the world’s fattest child, whose impressive physique made the international headlines
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