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Saturday, 7 February 2015

Update: Whitney Houston's Daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown

According to various reports, late Whitney Houston's daughter, Kristina is brain dead, and chances of her recovery are very slim. Kristina's father Bobby Brown has been hesitating to give the go ahead for doctors to remove her from life support as advised.
21-year-old Kristina is engaged to Nick Gordon. they are not married according to Bobby Brown's attorney Christopher Brown, he revealed this to RadarOnline that Kristina and Nick are yet to tie the knot. 
It was Nick that found her unconscious in a bathtub in her house after he received a distress call from her. There are stories that Nick is the cause of her being unconscious, but nothing substantial has pinned him for it, he's been investigated. and now he's been banned from her bedpost by her family.
Family members of Whitney and Kristina are according to reports going through Whitney's 1993 Last Will and Testament.
RadarOnline has revealed the content of Whitney's will, below is the an excerpt of their report...

family members of Kristina outside the hospital
The will, which was completed before Whitney divorced Bobby in 2006, states, “If no child of mine survives me: I give all jewelry own at my death to my mother, Emily Cissy Houston, if she survives me; and I give the rest of my tangible personal property to those of my mother, Emily Cissy Houston, my father, John R. Houston, my husband, Robert Brown, my brother Michael Houston, and my brother Gary Houston, as survive me to be amicably divided among them as they might agree, in shares as nearly equal as possible.”
Under terms of the will, Bobbi Kristina received 10% of her mother’s estate when she turned 21 earlier this year. At age 25, Bobbi Kristina would have received one sixth, and the remainder at 30-years-old.