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Saturday, 14 February 2015

Jackie Chan Son Apologizes To Public For Law Breaking

32-years-old Jaycee Chan, son of Hollywood Movie Star Jackie Chan, apologized today in a news conference to the general public for his bad act to the extent of being jailed for six months for the use of drugs and for allowing people to use marijuana in his apartment. Jaycee is also an actor and a singer like his dad, Jackie Chan, he is a b-rated actor, even that is acceptable, but seriously is there a Z-rated actor? Lolz. His father’s shoes are too big, wide and long for him to fill quickly at the rate that he is going with drugs. Jaycee and Taiwanese actor Ko Kai and some other actors were arrested in August 2014 for the use of drugs.

 “After this correction by the Justice system, I have changed my outlook on life and my values,” Jaycee said at the news conference which was broadcasted  live on Chinese state broadcaster, CCTV.
He said, “I’m very ashamed that I haven’t been a good role model, I want to start again, but I know that it’s the mass media that will decide.”
He also said he is rededicating himself to his family and entertainment business career.
He and Ko kai were both tested positive for marijuana and the police seized 100 grams and above of drugs in his Beijing apartment. He could have been sentenced to up to 3 years, but was shown leniency by the court for admitting his offence.
Jackie Chan who is also an anti-drug ambassador and deputy to the national legislature’s main consultative body  in China apologized for his son publicly for the use of drugs and pledged to work with him on his path to recovery.
Jaycee’s mother Lin Feng-Jiao is former Taiwanese actress, she was raised in Los Angeles and has appeared in about 20 films. Jaycee said his father did not use his position to influence any special treatment for him in prison. He also said, he’d first encountered marijuana 8 years earlier when he went on a trip in Netherlands, but became a regular user about 2 years ago. Despite it all, Jaycee has decided to spend time with his family over next week’s Lunar New Year holiday.