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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

May You Rest In The Bossom Of The Lord Muna Obiekwe

I want to use this medium to pray and wish Muna Obiekwe save rest in the bossom of the Lord, and I pray to God to give his family the fortitude to bear the lost. Rest in Peace Muna.
The loss of this Nollywood actor is so so sad, he was a vibrant and active man, with his sexy smile and his rugged ways, may his soul rest in peace. There were reports that he died on Sunday 18th January 2015. Media outlets want us to think he died because of pride, there are stories that he secretly battled the ailment he had which was kidney disease, the reports stated that he didn’t ask any of his colleagues for help, he died because he could not afford hospital bills for his dialysis. And that instead of asking for help from his colleagues, he invited his colleagues to a play he planned on hosting, that he wanted to raise money through the play, but he died before he could actualize it.

Don't know if its true, but how can someone hide an ailment like that? Is it possible?  There were also reports that some of these said colleagues knew about his sickness but turned a blind eye.

May his soul rest in the bossom of the Lord. Amen