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Friday, 30 January 2015

Congratulations to Shakira On The Arrival Of Her Second Son!

Shakira has given birth! Shakira and family welcome the arrival of their second baby.
The couple reserved an entire floor of the Hospital Quiron Teknon in Spanish city for the birth.
The singer gave birth to her second son on Thursday night. More photos after the cut...

Emily Vancamp Enjoys Snack Behind The Scenes Of Her TV Show Revenge

 Simple wardrobe: The Canadian star was casually dressed in a grey collared shirt, fitted denim trousers and buckled ankle booties.
Actress Emily Vancamp who played the lead character as Emily Thorn or Amanda Clark on the ABC drama series Revenge was spotted on set filming more episodes for the fourth season of the ABC series Revenge. More photos after the cut...

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

May You Rest In The Bossom Of The Lord Muna Obiekwe

I want to use this medium to pray and wish Muna Obiekwe save rest in the bossom of the Lord, and I pray to God to give his family the fortitude to bear the lost. Rest in Peace Muna.
The loss of this Nollywood actor is so so sad, he was a vibrant and active man, with his sexy smile and his rugged ways, may his soul rest in peace. There were reports that he died on Sunday 18th January 2015. Media outlets want us to think he died because of pride, there are stories that he secretly battled the ailment he had which was kidney disease, the reports stated that he didn’t ask any of his colleagues for help, he died because he could not afford hospital bills for his dialysis. And that instead of asking for help from his colleagues, he invited his colleagues to a play he planned on hosting, that he wanted to raise money through the play, but he died before he could actualize it.

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Devozine Magazine

The devosine magazine is out now, is a devotional magazine that is inspiring and motivational for all, former Miss Heard Vicki Fourie has an article in the magazine, Vicki Fourie can hear partially, but she doesn't give up on herself despite her problem, she still fights to be a better person, her article is a means of encouragement for those like her and for everyone with one problem or the other.
visit devozine's website on

Picture: Does Love Like This Really Exist?

This is like Beauty and Beast all over, the light in their eyes surpasses whatever anyone wants to say about them, because love is greater than bad vibes.
Merely looking at these photos, you could see that this couple are in love, its so obvious.

This kind of love only exist in the movies, you say? wrong, because true love still exists, its just fake people that are out there. If everyone could just be true to themselves, they will find an extraordinary love inside.

Happy New Year Guys, Vera is Back and Better!!