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Friday, 25 April 2014

Amazing: Singing Gospel Music Saves 10 Years old Boy From Kidnappers

Willie Myrick, a 10 years old boy was kidnapped by unknown hoodlums in Atlanta Georgia lastweek.
Willie told WSB-TV on Thursday April 24th, that he kept singing Every Praise by Hezekiah Walker even as he was cursed and threatened to be killed by the kidnappers if he doesn't stop singing.
He continued singing for upto three hours until they threw him out of the moving car.
That was how he miraculously escaped from the kidnappers.

Here is the full story: (c)Eurthisnthat 
"Myrick was abducted from his Atlanta, Georgia driveway while he played with his pet Chihuahua. A stranger pulled up, lured him to his car with an offer of money, then grabbed the boy when he got close enough and sped off, according to police.
Myrick told WSB-TV, "He was cursing at me telling me to shut up and didn't want to hear a word from me. He said if I told anyone, he would hurt me, like in a bad way.”
But it was the indirect assistance from Grammy-award winner,Hezekiah Walker, that helped his young fan escape his captor. For three straight hours young Willie sang, "Every Praise," the artist’s popular gospel song. Willie did not let the constant threats from the kidnapper daunt him in any way. He just kept on singing. Finally, having had enough, the kidnapper let him out of the car at East Point.
"He opened the door and threw me out," the 10-year-old said. "He told me not to tell anyone."
When word of young Myrick’s survival got out, his church celebrated the victory on his 10th birthday. Even Hezekiah Walker, who heard about the incident, showed up; flying in from New York to Atlanta to celebrate with the child in the church's crowded sanctuary.
"It's just emotional to me because you never know who you're going to touch," Walker told ABC News. "I just wanted to hug him and tell him I love him. I really believe God spoke through me to save that young man's life."
Hear the song that saved Willie's life, Hezekiah Walkers, "Every Praise" below: