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Sunday, 2 February 2014

Happy New Month!

We learn everyday. I learnt something new today while watching a TV program, though I've heard it before, but I never get to understand it better, what I Learnt today is.. 'failure is instructive'.
I've also heard when you fail, rise up, dust up yourself and try again.
But today I get to understand what it really implies, like my mentor ma'am Funmilayo Mide-Ajala told me, I should try to be patient, and don't give up at the slightest failure or discouragement. she got to know me in a few minutes chat we had. and it got me thinking, she's good at what she does, for she to be able to understand me in just a few minutes, and give pointers that I could relate to.

Failure truly is instructive, perseverance is key to growth. because when you fail, you not only dust yourself and move on, you also get to know where you went wrong, learn from it, straighten your ways before you try again.

All these requires patience, faith and ofcourse believing in yourself.

Family is also another requirement. I always bring in families because without them, we can't say we are whole, our families are our trademark. friends are important as well, they are our go-to when we need to chat, gossip and relate some stuffs we tend to keep from our families. But it's best to choose your friends wisely.

So in all, try to learn from your failure, don't waste time looking for who or what to blame. 

Have a great week ahead!
And also have a fabulous month ahead!