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Saturday, 28 September 2013

Lagos State Governor Fashola Apology To Igbos

Lagos State Governor Babatunde Fashola Thursday Sept. 26th apologized to the Igbos over the deportation of destitute from the state to Anambra State a few months back.

Governor Fashola tendered his apology at a ceremony to mark the Silver Jubilee anniversary of Aka Ikenga, an Igbo social-cultural group in Lagos. He said:

“The truth is that I do not have a problem with the Igbos, they know that because the largest herd of cattle I received during my father’s burial came from the Ndigbo. Those people who came under their many colours are not people I have a problem with, they are my kindred and my people. Also, there were people who did not clearly understand me and they have misunderstood words said or misrepresented actions taken in the way that it has pleased them to do so. To those people, I owe an explanation, not a defence of what has happened and that is partly why I am here.

“We have built a relationship based on tolerance, mutual respect, trust and love. That relationship was started by our ancestors, it was handed over to us and we have nourished it with a lot of trust, with a lot of understanding and with a lot of fidelity.

“Those who misunderstand that relationship, think that there is no value in that relationship, I have come here to correct that because I place a lot of value on that relationship. If those people have misunderstood me or they have misunderstood actions taken by our government, here, now and today, I offer an unqualified and unreserved apology."

“Why should people feel compelled to migrate from one place to the other? Is there one part of this country that is less endowed whether in human or natural resource? Is that the problem? Is it the case that perhaps some parts are so endowed or not adequately managed?"

“Those are the honest debates that we must have. The political storm is gathering and allusions have been made to the issues I address, not only by the chairman, but by the President of Ohaneze Ndigbo. How can development be so difficult in the part of Nigeria that gave us Ike Nwachukwu, Chinua Achebe, Nnamdi Azikiwe, Odumegwu Ojukwu, Alex Ekwueme and so on, how can development be so difficult in that part of this country? I think those are the real issues.”

“I think we have been in the news of our relationship for the wrong reasons in the last few weeks, but if you listen to the voices of those who speak the loudest, you would see that they do not speak about us, they do not speak about the problems, but about themselves. The majority of us are concerned about how to make it better, that is what concerns us always in Lagos, and it is not an easy decision for me.”

"The pursuit of making it better makes us adopt policies which are always subject to the human text of fallibility”.

Photos: Mike Ezuruonye Celebrates His 31st Birthday

Nollywood hottest actor Mike Ezuruonye celebrated his 31st birthday with friends, colleagues and loved ones. It's great to be 31! Guess you can name the stars that graced the occasion, wink ;)
More photos below and after the cut....

Actor Emeka Ossai And Wife Jumai Celebrates Their Kids Birthday

Emeka-Ossai-and-wife-Jumai-twins Africanmoviesnews
Emeka Ossai and wife were married for 5 years without an issue, there were pressures from their families, but the love they have for each other kept their unity strong. 
Finally, Jumai  got pregnant and delivered  twins (a boy and girl) last year, September 2012.
On the 20th of September 2013, the happy couple decided to mark their kids birthday in a remarkable way.
The story might sound old and everyday-ish to some people, but don't say or think that, unless you've gone through an agony of child-waiting. Then you will understand how it feels.
 Congrats all over again to them!

Genevieve Nnaji In An Alleged Romance With Female Friend

Genevieve Nnaji and her friend Ella Martins who is an actress from Benin Republic, are in the middle of a dirty controversy. Some people will not just give up with all these rumour spreading, can you believe the lie? She and Genny spent some time in Genny’s apartment not too long ago and somehow the story leaked, and rumors starts flying high..

When asked about the alleged affair between she and Genevieve actress Ella said:
"Genevieve is a very good friend of mine…we met way back in 2004 and we have been good friends since then. The story that we are lovers must have come from another female friend of hers. I am saying this because since 2004, there have been no such lesbian stories but suddenly it sprung up.
Towards the end of last year, I came to Nigeria and I stayed with Genevieve. Although we stayed under the same roof, we slept in different rooms.
There was a time during my visit that we both went to see a friend in a hotel in Lekki and people saw us going in. We later went clubbing that night with the friend and which I think is a normal thing for girls to club if they want to. But that was when the rumours got worse, that we went into the hotel to sleep with each other!!!"
She said it’s not the first time the Press would label her a lesbian but she has developed a thick skin and so it doesn’t bother her because she knows she is not a lesbian!
"Genevieve and I have known each other since 2004 and she really is a nice person if you get to know her. We talk on phone a lot and we discuss life’s issues like normal girls do…she is a wonderful person. I guess it’s because she is a famous person that some undesirable elements want to tarnish her image…and mine too. The Press make things worse too. There was a time I performed with Tony Tetuila and there were rumours after then that we were dating. But I just want to emphasize here that Genevieve and I are not in any form of sexual relationship, we are just good friends."

Annie Idibia Rocks Baby Bump In Hot Black Dress

It's no longer news that Annie has taken in her second pregnancy for hubby Tuface.
She looks amazing in this dress, pregnancy looks good on her too.

Friday, 27 September 2013

Comedian Bovi and Wife Christabel Welcomes Baby Girl!

Congratulations to Bovi and Christabel as they added another bundle of joy to their family. Nigerian comedian Bovi held his beautiful daughter on the 25th of September as she was ushered in to the world. The couple welcomed their second child at 8:47pm (and few seconds, I guess. wink).