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Friday, 9 August 2013

Don Jazzy Tweet On Peter Okoye's Engagement To Lola Omotayo

The Mavin boss tweets after Peter Okoye's engagement to baby-mama, Onome, please don't be angry...lolz

"I will change my mode of dressing when i'm older and married" - Emma Nyra

“When it comes to fashion, I’m a person who isn’t scared to take risk. I tell people you won’t be young forever, so I don’t mind taking risk and showing off a little skin. When I’m older and married I won’t even want to allow myself show off my husband's property but right now, I’m single, I’m singing and I’m young so I want to be as comfortable and fashionable as possible. It’s 2013 and people are accepting new trends! I’ll take judgments from some views but that’s part of being an entertainer, you want people to talk.”

Photos: Actress Stephanie Okereke and Hubby Linus Vacation In Maine, Europe

stephanie okereke and husband vacation europe
Pregnant actress Stephanie Okereke and hubby catching fun in Europe. They've been in Maine for three days now. cute couple living the life.... 
stephanie okereke malta europe vacation
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Photos: Joseph Yobo and Wife Adaeze Yobo Work-Out Together

Beautiful couple sharing work-out together. Such an encouraging wife.
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Interview: "Music alone is not my niche" - Kenny Saint Brown


Kenny Saint Best has obviously had her topsy-turvy times as a gospel artiste and a single parent. Despite the fact that gospel music has been relegated to the background, she has been able to lend her voice to the less vibrant genre of gospel music. She opens up on her evolution, her TV show, her yet-to- be launched book and other sundry issues in this ,interview with AHMED BOULOR.

WHAT necessitated your change from doing contemporary gospel music to urban gospel music?
I would say that it was God’s divine plan which I found out by being inquisitive and also trying to come out from the low ends of my life. It was also borne out of the need to search for a way forward; it was also 
meant to be a search light into why gospel music is being relegated to the background in that it is not being played on radio.
I sometimes find it hard to realise why people enjoy gospel music for the beauty of it. These are some of the things that necessitated my change from doing contemporary gospel music to urban gospel music. I also found out that I was getting bored because there was a whole lot of recycling going around and I am also partaker in that aspect too. I felt we limited God because we tend to want to praise Him only with recycled songs.
What have you been up to in the last six months?
I have been involved in a whole lot in recent past; aside promoting my latest single Bragado which is the 5th single after my evolution into being an urban gospel artiste, after collaborations with Terry G, Eldee, Dagrin and LKT. I have been building on that brand so that when people think of that brand of music they readily think of me. We are also working on the new song titled No Jonzing which will be followed by a video. Also, as part of celebrations for my 15th year on stage, I am also working on launching my book titled ‘My Turnaround Story’. It is about my story from zero to hero; that is in the pipeline. I am also working on a TV production; I have come to realise that I have too much energy and creativity in me. Music alone is not my niche, I have something else to offer and that’s why I am veering into TV production. I am also branching into mentoring and giving kids some kind of positive direction in life. The teenage age is the habit-picking age and you need to positively guide youngsters in their everyday dealings so they don’t mix with the wrong set of people.
What have been your frustrations in the last 15 years?
There have been a lot of frustrations in the last 15 years; there was a time we staged a Kennis Music Easter Fiesta and I was billed out of the show because they said I could not perform because I am a gospel artiste. It was our own show but the sponsors didn’t want me to perform simply because I am a gospel artiste. This was a show that was organised by my brother but I was billed out of the show because of the fact that I am a gospel artiste. That was one of my biggest frustrations; but I realised it wasn’t peculiar to Kennis Music alone, it was everywhere. The more I wanted to push the more they told me to forget about the idea simply because I do gospel music.

Photos: Omotola Jalade and Family Honoured By Nollywood

Omotola Jalade Ekehinde and hubby, Captain Ekehinde, their four kids in the next photo.
Actors' Guild of Nigeria headed by Ibinabo Fiberesima celebrated Nollywood actress Omotola Jalade Ekeinde on Sunday August 4th at Ikeja, Nigeria for being named one of the most influential people in the world by Time magazine. Among the guests were Fred Amata, Olisa Adibua, Rita Dominic, Ini Edo and husband, Chidi Mokeme, Keppy Epkeong Bassy and wife, Zeb Ejiro and wife, Emeka Ossai and wife, Kelechi Amadi Obi, Dimeji Alara and many others. 
Ini Edo and hubby Philip Ehiagwina
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Don Jazzy Pays Condolence Visit To The Governor Of Lagos State

The governor of Lagos State, Babatunde Raji Fashola is still in mourning for the death of his father, who was put to rest yesterday. The Mavin record label boss visited the office of the Lagos State Governor yesterday to commiserate with him on the death of his father...

Peter Okoye Of Psquare Engaged His Baby Mama With Range Rover

Peter has finally decided to move the relationship with his baby mama Lola Omotayo to the next level by engaging her. Peter and Lola have been dating for over seven years and are already parents to two adorable kids. Peter engaged Lola with engagement ring and a Range Rover...  Photos below....
From the look of things, he took her by surprise.... So loving this...

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Photos: Rihanna Celebrates Barbados Annual Crop-Over Carnival With Family

Rihanna celebrated Barbados' annual Crop Over carnival with her family, friends, and fans.
Riri as she is also calked, party'ed it up in a traditional carnival-style bejewelled two-piece, with matching necklace and headpiece and looking like the superstar she is.

Rihanna always heads back home every year for the eight day festival.

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Photos: D'banj's Sister With OAP Of Cool Fm White Wedding.

Dotun Ojuolape Cool FM and Taiwo Oyebanjo's white wedding held last weekend.
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May the joy and merriment of their wedding day, follow them to their marital home
Wish them a happy married life.....
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Sunday, 4 August 2013

Interview: Actress Ufuoma Ejenobor About Marriage, Life, and Baby

Marriage & Family

You got married in 2010 on your birthday. Was this your decision?

The actual wedding was on the 10th but all the celebration was on the 23rd. When my husband proposed, he actually said he wanted to get married around my birthday. I think I took it literarily. Somehow we were just lucky because the Church would give you the dates that are available so we were lucky to have that date available.

Can you recall the proposal? How did your husband propose to you?
It was in Cape Town. I don’t know if he planned to propose and that’s why we went to South Africa or he just thought about it while we were there but it was so beautiful. He had just finished filming a commercial and he said we had to talk. He is not really the talking type so I knew it had to be something serious. I can’t remember his exact words but he said something like he wanted us to spend the rest of our lives together and I thought it was romantic. I said yes.

Your eyes really lit up when you said that. How did you meet him?
We have a mutual friend; they both work as advertisers. I met his friend while I was filming ‘Everything It Takes’ for Wale Adenuga. There was a particular day we went out for drinks and my husband who was his friend was with them. We hung out, became friends, started spending time with each other and started to feel very comfortable with each other.

Was it ever your childhood dream or teenage fantasy to get married to an European?
I might be wrong but I don’t know if anybody sets out to marry a foreigner. Almost every girl read the Mills & Boons where your man had to be tall, dark and handsome. I was a regular girl, dreaming the regular dream of what my dream man should be. But God has a way of putting your life in the way that He has ordained it to be and I think that‘s what happened to me. My husband and I weren’t in a position where our paths were crossing very often so chances of me meeting him and being his friend were very slim. It wasn’t anything planned, it just happened and I’m glad it did because my husband is a wonderful person. He has a good heart and that is the most important thing for me.

How have you both been able to adjust to the demands of each other’s cultures?
I must say that there was a bit of culture shock. The first time I spoke to his Mum on the phone, I said “Hello Ma” and she said “No don’t call me that, call me Jean”. I had to say to her “Sorry Ma, you might not like this but your name right now is Mummy”. And then my husband’s niece and nephew call him Steven and I look at them like, “are you serious?”. They are just kids! When he was going to meet my parents as well, he asked “what is your mother’s name” I said “her name is Mummy”, and he asked “what is your father’s name” I said “his name is Daddy”. He has been in Nigeria for over 10 years but there are still some things he is trying to adjust to. I cannot honestly tell you that we’ve broken down every barrier of culture shock, but somehow we’ve tried to find our own meeting point to make sure that everything is balanced out.

Has there been any time when you felt surprised at his acceptance of your culture or otherwise?
I was surprised that my husband wanted our kids to have Nigerian native names. It was so bad that he didn’t even want to give our son a middle name. He said Isio McDermott was fine. He said “what do people do with middle names? It’s a waste of name”. But I insisted and we had to call his Mum to give an English name and she gave him Jared. That is the only reason why he has a middle name.

A lot of people were surprised that you had your baby here in Lagos and not abroad.

My husband is a local boy oh! I went to America just before I had my baby and I asked him if we could just have the baby there and he asked “Why?” and honestly, I couldn’t answer that. When I said the health care could be better, he said “don’t kid yourself”. His argument was that “we live in Lagos, why do you want to give birth somewhere else?” My husband is just that kind of person. You need to give him a reason out of this world for him to do certain things.
Was there any particular reason why you had your first child two years after getting married?
There was a project that we were going to work on and it just kept stalling. At some point we decided that we couldn’t keep our family on hold for too long and if it wasn’t happening, we had to get on with our lives. We were kinda wishing that we had started having kids earlier but God has his plans for everything and when the right time came, Isio came.

Now back to your cute son, Isio. What was the experience like for you both as parents around the time you gave birth? How did you feel during those first few days of his birth?
We were just so excited at having him. When he was born, my husband would come to the hospital, take his son and lie on the bed with him on his chest and they will just sleep off. I think he even took paternity leave from work because I couldn’t understand why he wouldn’t sleep at home but will come to the hospital to sleep with the baby. He’s been a blessing, joy, laughter, fun, he has just warmed our hearts. He is the most adorable thing and we love him to bits.

Those family photos you released were so so cute. Especially the one where you put him in a Christmas hat!
He was so tiny at birth, he weighed 2kg so even if we had gotten a kiddy Christmas hat, we couldn’t fit it on his head. So we thought if he can’t wear the cap, let the cap wear him (laughs).

What was the inspiration behind the photo shoot?
He was seven days old and even though I was still weak at that time, we just wanted to capture that moment. I’m sure when Isio is older and he sees those pictures, he would have a good laugh. We had fun doing it and we are looking forward to doing the next set when he starts crawling or when he can walk.

"The future belongs to the youth'.... Which youth?" - Charley Boy

A piece written by the area-fada

One of the many things God blessed me with, would be the ability to go to sleep at will even if my house is on fire. I consider that as a gift because, this environment has murdered sleep for most Nigerians. How can we sleep when things are all falling apart around us? It saddens my heart to see the appalling state of our nation and the quick progressive decline in the quality of governance and the management of the polity. Naija as it were has gone to the dogs and really, it's only a matter of time before shit finally hits the fan. Because, we must hit rock-bottom before we can start to think of a Nigeria that is workable.

I have noticed lately that I am fast losing my gift, being able to fall asleep at will. It's no longer happening for me like it use to. Thank God, I haven't gotten to the point of popping different kinds of pills to be able to get some sleep. These days, I seem so consumed with the thoughts of how all of these injustices, poor leadership, the frustration, hopelessness, and despair amongst young Nigerians will all be resolved. How much longer can we all go on as if all is well.  The situations as appalling as they are reminds me of Asa's song, "There is Fire on the Mountain, and no one seems to be on the Run" How much longer will it take our leaders to realise that they are sitting on a time Bomb. How much longer will it take the few good men and exceptional Nigerian youth to stop hiding under the bed, while the vile, the fraud, the gangsters, the 419ers, the thieves take over the polity?

Yesooooooo, we are all guilty, guilty of inaction, guilty of procrastination, guilty of being scared by our own shadow. Yet, we complain, talking bla bla bla all over the place and doing nothing. That is why the youth of this country are taken for granted. Look at how our once strong and vibrant youths have grown powerless, and have even become willing instrument and tools in the hands of vile and wicked politicians. Our young people have been so battered physically that, they have lost the urgency to protest. How can they not know that the consequences of corruption, wasting of resources and stealing affect them, the youth more than anyone else? They have not realized yet that they are the ones who can't go to school, and that most of their parents have been impoverished by this shit-system, and for the millions who graduate from the university, half baked; where are the jobs? Unreliable statistics say that about 28million young people are unemployed and about 5million join annually as the army of the unemployed youth grows, drugs, violence, despair and hopelessness have become a permanent fixtures in the lives of our dear youth. This is the Nigeria of today. A country so endowed, yet 60 percent of Nigerians are living below 1dollar/ 25cents a day. What a shame, what business has my country with poverty? How far, great Nigerian youths?

 The old foxes, old fraudsters, many of those who had been in leadership position in the past, wrote this tragic script, they are still very much around, jostling for position and power. Most annoying is when they pay lip services saying, "the future belongs to the youth", which youth? The one they cloned, or the ones yet unborn. Because all these old foxes that should be put to pasture are still dragging it with the young people not ready to quit the stage, unless they die there. They have become deaf, dumb and blind to the pains and sufferings of ordinary Nigerians.  The criminal nature of most of our leaders is what has given impetus to criminal gangs, kidnappers, militants, terrorists, money doublers, gangsters who prey on innocent citizens as effectively as the yahoo yahoo leaders’ prey on Nigerians. Nigeria has become their slot machine. This is how they have weakened our youth, because even the leaders so far, lack creativity. All they have produced for the past 38yrs is mediocrity. The youth cannot make good decisions and hence can't make good leadership, double wahala. These are the kind of leaders our youth emulate, being schooled in the arts of making it by all means even if they have to sell their mothers. Most of these yahoo leaders are getting rich at the expense of the masses and Naija youth. What can they produce, except buy houses, cars, posting their new acquired jet planes on Facebook and all over the social media, keeping billions in bank accounts, while the youths and the masses suffer and the environment remains in shambles? How far great Nigerian youth?

 I can feel the growing resentment the masses have towards the leadership, it is ‘us’ against them. The youth may seem not ready for a revolution, but the one thing they have in common that cuts across ethnic and religious differences is a genuine yearning for Change through a revolution. A revolution that will see the end of this rampart injustices and authority stealing that has left us poor and hopeless. They also want to see how the mighty and the once untouchables, those responsible for bringing Nigeria to its knees face the music if possible with their blood. The youth obviously don't believe in Nigeria anymore, even the unbelievers know we can no longer carry on like this.  People argue that the youth are not capable of retrieving their stolen future ever again. Just like we never believed that a Nigerian for whatever reason could strap himself with bombs and blow himself up. When Boko Haram started, many including myself believed that all who were involved must have been fanatics from neighbouring countries. Loh and behold, they were many Nigerian youth involved. For them, it was better than dying like a chicken. What about the naija guy who failed to blow himself and the plane up, in far away America? The army of desperate youth is growing, not to talk of the kind of arms that have come into this country; God help us. For those who still think that the Nigerian youth are too disorganized and weak to confront these demons, I say, it’s possible. They have a common enemy, namely; hunger, poverty, hopelessness, frustration and a strong satanic hatred for our leaders and elites. You may be asking yourself who will lead this inevitable revolt. For many youth, the power is in their hands right now as you read this; the instrument of mobilization and you know what? It has started.

As humans, we communicate by expressing our feelings, our thoughts based on how we perceive certain situations. Most of the youth have become aware of the problem affecting them, most of them live on the social media highway to while away their time since millions of them are out of jobs or poses the faintest idea on what else to do. They are stranded, and most pitiful is that nobody cares. This is where young people fellowship now to escape from the brutality of a harsh environment caused by those "bigger "than Nigeria. Once people become aware of a common need or problem through interaction and discussion, it is easier for them to create a mobilizing strategy towards a common goal. From the bush, the house, in the car, or even from across the seas, the exceptional ones will control millions through the social highway networks. I can feel the rage, the anger and the strong satanic hatred for our kleptomaniac leaders. I pray for the seemly fragile, deflated Nigerian youth, the victims of bad and selfish leadership. Young Nigerians; no matter where they are from, all face the same sad and evil reality created and perfected by a common enemy. We all know the problem of Nigeria; they say a country deserves the kind of leadership it gets, hmmmmm... Nigerian youth... how far?

 Where are the exceptional youth who will remedy us from this hopeless situation? If it's not road accidents because of bad roads, it is incessant strikes because government still has not lived up to its promise to inspire the teachers. However, their children are all abroad while ours study with candle light and kerosene lamps in a country capable of providing power for all. Inflation is tearing families apart and causing parents to abandon their duties. Haba, the iniquities are just too much to recount, it's not fair in the eyes of God. As these yahoo yahoo people continue to rob us of our lives and future, ironically they are facilitating this revolution. When the chips are down, the youth will no longer think on religious lines or ethnic differences; they will be so filled with hatred, vengeance and anger. They will vent this on all those who have brought them sorrow, tears and a bleak future. There will be a spark as young people pour out on the streets hunting for their enemies and serving them a dose of mob justice. The time and how, I know not. But yes, it is boiling over; the handwriting is not only on the walls but on the faces of the angry youths I see on a daily basis. Nigerian youth... how far? na una hand Nigeria dey. Beat the drum for change and a better life. Let's stop blaming our leaders and elders. If they have failed us, we can't afford to fail ourselves. Let us use our strength to cut off corruption in this land. Make una no fall my hand...

Saturday, 3 August 2013