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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Shocking Anorexic Photos Of One Of Greeces Model

Before and After

I came across these photos and was dumb-founded with mouth open wide for over 2minutes before regaining myself. Whaaaat!

Nana Karagianni looking all bony, is a married lady in Greece, she's a journalist and also a model. She got addicted to model's disease, which is the fear of being fat, to the extent of looking like this. Thus suffering Anorexia and looking emaciated. According to source, she posted her photos on Facebook. 
Anorexic means (suffering from anorexia nervosa).
Anorexia_nervosa means (a psychological disorder characterized by somatic delusions that you are too fat despite being emaciated.)
I think this should be photoshop at work. Or I'm I mistaken? View more photos of her in a beach...

Nana Karagianni look on her wedding day
Nana at the beach