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Friday, 26 July 2013

Revealed: 7 Foreign Celebrities Who Are Nigerians

Get ready to be shocked as you are presented with the list of 7 well-known International celebs you never thought could be Fellow Nigerians

  • Taiwo Cruz- The 25 year old British singer is of Nigerian heritage. He was born to a Nigerian father and Brazilian mother. Taio Cruz who started penning songs at 12, began writing professionally 7 years later. He released his debut album Departure in 2008. The following year he released his sophomore Rokstarrwhich featured the hit song ‘Dynamite’. He dropped his 3rd album TY.O three years ago. Taio Cruz has won several awards including the BRIT Awards, Billboard Music Awards, ASCAP Awards and American Music Awards.

  •  Hugo Weaving-  He was Agent Smith in the movie Matrix? Neo’s arch-rival is Nigerian. The 53 year old actor was born in Nigeria at the University College Hospital in Ibadan. This makes him Nigerian by birth. His parents moved back to England a year after. Hugo Weaving has acted in several blockbusters such as V For Vendetta, The Matrix Trilogy and Lord of The Rings Trilogy, Transformers Trilogy, The Hobbit Trilogy and Captain America. Who said Ibadan boys don’t go far?

  • Tyler Okonma is the Creator- Yes, do not be shocked. The ‘Black Eminem’ is Nigerian. Tyler the Creator’s actual names are Tyler Okonma. His father is Igbo. The leader of the music collective ‘Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All’ claims he never met his father. Maybe that is why he is not too fond of him. In 2009 Tyler released his first album Bastard. His buzz started growing from then on mainly backed by his offensive, homophobic and disgusting lyrics. He released his second album Goblin two years later and became a national sensation without the backing of any major record label in America. He released his third album Wolf this year.

  • Dizzie Rascal- Dizzie (Dylan Kwabena Mills) is one of the most respected rappers in the UK and also happens to be Nigerian. His Nigerian father died when he was young and he was raised by his Ghanaian mum. He had a rebellious childhood and that’s how he got the name Rascal. He was a friend of Nigerian footballer Danny Shittu when he was a kid. At 16 he produced his first single ‘I Luv U’ and in 2002 formed the collective Roll Deep Crew. Dizzie Rascal has released 5 solo albums till date making him one of the biggest rappers in the UK. He performed at the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics in London and won the Best International Act at the BET Awards in 2010.

  • Richard Ayoade is a British-Nigerian man who was born to a Nigerian dad and a Norwegian mum. As a popular face on British TV, the 36-year-old comedian made his Hollywood debut last year in ‘The Watch’ comedy. His last name singled him out of other as Ayoade is a popular name from the Yoruba tribe.
  • Donald Adeosun Faison: Fans of the popular television Comedy-drama “Scrubs” would know this one. Not only is he one of our favorite character,  you probably didn’t know this American actor’s middle name is Yoruba. Donald Faison is a popular Hollywood actor who hails from the Yoruba tribe.
    His birth name are Donald Adeosun Faison.
    He was born to a Nigerian father and an American mother on the 22nd of June, 1974.
    He has 2 siblings namely Olamide Faison and Dade Faison.
    He is a popular comedian who came into limelight in the ABC comedy film Clueless.
  • Lemar: Lemar Obika (born 4th April 1978), professionally known simply as Lemar, is an English R&B singer–songwriter and record producer. His Nigerian fans probably didn’t know that the UK singer who was born in Tottenham, England is son to Nigerian parents of Enugu State, South Eastern Nigeria.