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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Liz Da'silva Converts To Islam, Changes Her Name To Aishat

Actress, Liz DaSilva has changed her name to Aisha Olaoye after her Wonka (Islamic name changing) ceremony.

Liz now prefers to be referred to as Aishat after the conversion from Christianity to Islam.

“In case you want to know I have a good relationship with my baby’s father and that is why I had to convert to Muslim and got a new name Aishat before they baby was named. I am a Christian, but I had to convert to Islam because of my baby,” she revealed.

Though the actress has remained silent on the personality of her baby father, whose name has been given as Alhaji Olaoye, she stressed that she’s neither married nor have a child for popular transport union boss, MC Oluomo.

Inside sources however disclosed further that Liz’s hubby is a close associate of the transport union boss and that was why she had been linked to him.