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Friday, 12 July 2013

Interview: "My son is the sweetest person I have ever met" - Actress Juliet Ibrahim

The very intelligent and multilingual actress who speaks French, Spanish and English, had a quick and interesting chat with Flytime TV where she talked about her childhood, son, foray into the movie world, music, her kidney foundation and lots more.

See Interview below:
Growing Up:

My childhood was not a stable one because we grew up in a war torn countries so my family and I were always relocating. I grew up in Liberia, Lebanon and Ivory Coast before we finally moved back to Ghana. There were happy moments when I was in school but most of my childhood moments are not quite exciting.

You speak French, Spanish and English? How were you able to learn all three? 
Yes I do. I am not very fluent in Spanish though simply because I can’t constantly speak it in Ghana.I grew up in Ivory coast where I lived for 11 years hence I speak and write fluent French. I learnt spanish in Ghana at the Institute of languages. I love languages and learning new cultures.
Journey into the movie world: I grew up watching so many celebrities in hollywood and dreaming of being like them someday. My parents always used to buy me every new album of any musician back in the day just to keep me updated. I was a huge celine dion fan. I remember in the 7th grade we were asked to write an essay on what we will like to be when we grow up and my dream was to be an international model and musician. I didn’t have acting in my plans. although I acted a few times in senior high school, I have always been the shy type, so I used to prefer singing at talent shows whilst wearing sunglasses lol.  I somehow stumbled on acting in 2004 after I had just won a beauty pageant and was crowned “Miss Ghana institute of languages” (Queen of languages). I went for the audition, got the role and the rest they say is history. However, I didn’t forget about my childhood passion though, I am in the studio working on my album and I have currently released my first music single called “celebrate” which features Jupita .
What would you say is the difference between Juliet Ibrahim 10 years ago and now? I am 27 yrs old now. Obviously I have grown into a woman now (Laughs)
If you were to choose another career apart from acting, what would it be? Music or Law.

You are married, and you have a cute son. How do you manage your family life, and being a working actress?

By the grace of God I have been able to describe myself or call myself a “superwoman”. It’s not easy, but with the help of my wonderful mom I have been able to juggle it all. She takes care of my son whenever I have to be out on the road. My husband is also quite a busy person so we are both always on the road. I actually do make time for my son whenever I am in Ghana and not on set. He is so much fun to be around and every time I am away I miss him so much. I also run a boutique in Accra so when I am not on set filming I am taking care of my business.

Tell us about your son? My son’s name is Jayden.  He is 2yrs old and he is the sweetest person I have ever met in my life, I love him so much.
How she relaxes? I travel, sleep, watch movies or spend time with jayden.

Her personal style? Trendy and casual. I am not really a follow the crowd kind of person, I always wear what suits me and suits the occasion. On an ordinary day I will be seen in jeans and tank tops.
What is the one thing you will never be caught wearing? Rubber boots

What determines your hair styles. Sometimes you go for red hair, sometimes blonde, sometimes natural?
My hair is one thing i love to always change. I have never kept the same look for a long period of time. it depends on my mood and my dress code for an event, hence i have so many wigs in my closet.

Your daily beauty routine and how you have managed to maintain your complexion?
I am mixed race so my complexion is natural. however, I can’t do without my facial scrubs and natural body cream made of shea butter. I use a lot of carols-daughter products from the USA.

How she copes with your insultive fans on twitter/instagram: I take constructive criticism and learn but if the person is getting too offensive I simply block them. It comes with the fame so best to block the person.

You recently allowed a male blogger touch you to confirm that you don’t wear butt pads, how were you able to manage the criticisms that came with it?

They are entitled to their opinions and I understood most of them and their points. But they have to realise that I am a grown woman and I know how far I let him go, pictures can be deceiving, and the human imagination is always running wild. I do not wear any hip or bum pads, that point has been made clear.

What do you think is the state of the Ghanaian movie industry and the African movie industry at large?

We still have a very long way to go in our industry. We lack quality equipments, We lack quality editors, studios and so much more. We lack support from corporate bodies as well to fund the movie makers to hire the right equipments.

How far can you go in a movie, when it comes to sex scenes?
I won’t go nude in a movie, for example you won’t see me acting a porn movie lol. Not for all the money or fame in the world.

We understand that JULIET IBRAHIM FOUNDATION is focused on creating awareness on kidney cancer and providing necessary interventions, how many lives have you impacted so far?
I believe the foundation has impacted so many as long as people are aware of what the disease is about. We have a music video out on you tube and it has helped and been very well circulated in the world amongst various kidney cancer organizations and platforms.The Juliet Ibrahim foundation also raises funds every now and then to help patients undergo kidney transplants as well as to pay for patients dialysis treatments.

What is the greatest lie you ever told? What a question (laughs) I don’t think I have told any greatest lie yet. Petty lies are usually what I will tell. (laughs)
What is the most romantic surprise/gift/gesture you have ever gotten? An all expense paid trip on my birthday.
What’s your take on sex before marriage? It’s always based on individual preferences. it is advised not to have sex before marriage so I always encourage the youth to try their best not to be misled into having sex before marriage. 80% of the time, you can never end up marrying the one you first had sex with, so it’s best you avoid it and just wait for the right time and right one.