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Sunday, 7 July 2013

Interview: "How I came into Nollywood" - Temitope Osoba

Temitope  Osoba, a graduate of Business Education from Olabisi Onabanjo University (OOU). The beautiful Nollywood actress, speaks in this interview with TAYO GESINDE, on the pains and gains of being a celebrity, how she came into Nollywood, how she has been able to remain scandal-free and her fashion preferences. Excerpts:

Growing up.
Growing up was fun for me because I was born with a silver spoon and was pampered by my parents. I happened to be the first born of the family and the only child of my mum. I have three step sisters. I grew up in Lagos and I lived partially at Apapa, GRA, before relocating to Mile 2 Estate, Amuwo Odofin in Lagos.  I played a lot of pranks as a child.
Foray into acting.
I never thought I would become an actress. I can say that I got into acting by accident or by divine  intervention because I wasn’t expecting it. I was a dancer before joining the movie industry in 2005.
I would say because God was on my side, I never really had challenges. Just a few which is normal for any upcoming actress.  With all sincerity, I can say that I was never sexually harassed as an upcoming actress. So far, I can’t say the exact number of movies I had featured in, but I must have done over 30 movies. However, movies like Oogun mi by Dayo Amusa, Gucci Girls by Mercy Aigbe and Igboro Ti Daru by the late Bisi Komolafe, were the movies that brought me to limelight. 
Description of self. 
I am a very easy going lady. I am a real and happy lady.
Philosophy of life.
My philosophy is: There is no master and no slave so, you have to choose a life to live.
Definition of style.
I will say that style is a way of life. Personally, I love putting on casual outfits and most times, I dress to suit my mood and the occasions I am attending. Although I am not a designer-freak, when I want to buy my fashion ensembles, I go for quality things.
Beauty regimen.
I am not a make-up person, I usually don’t use it but if I have to wear it because of the role I am playing then I will. I use Iman and Mary Kay beauty products. I go for facials when necessary. I used to go for massage too but I have not had a massage done for a while now.
Favourite designers.
Michael  Kors and Gucci.
Choice of accessories.
 For shoes, I love wedge. When it comes to jewellery, I love rings and wrist watches.
Favourite perfume.
I love to smell really good so, I use any perfume that is really nice. Once I like the smell of a perfume, I spray it on and I am good to go.
Favourite colours.
I love purple and green because they are coded colours, you can’t really tell how beautiful they really are until you wear them. I believe they are unusual colours.
Accessories I can’t do without.
I can’t do without my wrist watch and rings.
Keeping fit.
I do exercises but not all the time.
Secret of beauty.
God and the fact that I just stay happy all the time.
Special treat.
If I want to give myself a special treat, I spend money on myself.  I take myself out for shopping and I also go to the pool. I do all these just to have fun and be happy.
Favourite pastime. 
My hobbies are dancing, swimming, singing and listening to music
Most expensive item in my wardrobe.
My house of Dereon dress (Beyonce’s cloth line). 
Opinion on cosmetic surgery.
I will never support it neither will I ever go for it. Moreover, there is nothing I want to change about myself, so, I have no need for cosmetic surgery.
On toning.
I don’t support toning but if you must do it, then, make sure you use the right and good products.
My take on provocative dressing.
Whatever someone puts on tells a lot about her personality. So, if you are putting on something really revealing then, you are passing a message to people. I do believe that you can be sexy without revealing too much.
What I won’t be caught dead wearing.
I won’t be caught wearing fake shades because it is fake.
My hair and nails.
I like to keep my nails natural, my hair too.
On tattoo. 
I love tattoos
Negative press.
I have never had negative things written about me in the papers. The reason being that I try to stay away from scandals. I was able to do that just by being myself and doing my own thing.
My most embarrassing moment.
I can’t remember any right now.
Marital status.
I am single. I don’t really want much in a man, he should just be the best he can be. On when I want to tie the knot, I will rather not talk about that (smiles).God knows best.
Coping with advances from male fans.
It is really simple, I try to be friendly and make it clear to them if their intentions don’t go down well with me that we can’t be anything more than friends.
The gains and pains of being a celebrity.
The infringement of privacy by the media and also the fact that as a public figure, we have a tailored lifestyle. The gain on the other hand is that I enjoy what  I am doing. Apart from that, I am able to impact positively on my fans and the society at large.
Acting nude. 
I will never and can never act nude or act a real sex role.
Greatest physical asset.
The whole of my body.
Likes and dislikes.
I like to be happy all the times, while I hate injustice.
Advice for women on how to stay young and beautiful.
Don’t over tone and stay happy.
To my fans.
Be yourself and always have it at the back of your mind that what is worth doing, is worth doing well.