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Monday, 8 July 2013

Interview: Adaora Oleh Talks About Her New Show

Many will remember Adora Oleh as the co-presenter of MTN Project Fame. Having recently relocated to the United Kingdom where she was born and bred, the screen diva is set to stage a comeback through her Adora Oleh Show kicking off Monday July 8 on Africa Independent Television (AIT).
In this interview conducted online, Adora talks about her new show and what makes it unique and a must watch for Nigerians. She also opens up on her lifestyle. Excerpts:

It’s been a while we heard from you, what have you been up to in the UK?

I’ve been busy, finishing the recording and editing of my talk show, which I am extremely excited about!

Tell us about your show that is kicking off on AIT on Monday July 8? 
I’m very excited about it. A lot of hard work has gone into it. It’s a 30-minute entertainment show created to focus on positive role models and entrepreneurs moving forward in the entertainment, fashion and business arena. It’s an African international show, as it was shot in Lagos and London and each episode is packed with an in-depth celebrity interview with top acts like Basket Mouth, Ice Prince, Bez, Timi Dakolo, Byrmo and many more. The show also features music and fashion reviews and advice and predictions by well-known experts in the industry. The show is informative and fabulous and I really want the viewers to have fun watching it.

Okay, you’ve been abroad working on different projects, what are they about? 
Yes, when I’m not in Nigeria I’m in London or New York working as an entertainment correspondent for FOX News, which has been amazing. I reported on the feel-good-mood of the nation during the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and also discussed the legal ramifications of the two Australian Radio DJs that gave a prank call to the nurse at the hospital during The Duchess of Cambridge’s stay for morning sickness. I’ve also covered other entertainment news stories for FOX and Friends. This experience has really been amazing for me. Reporting live on one of the biggest news channels in the world is something that I’m very proud of. The environment is fast, furious and intense. I learnt that covering the latest breaking entertainment news or hard hitting investigations, is not for the faint hearted. It’s a real adrenaline rush that helps sharpen my skills as a TV presenter. There are more exciting projects in the pipeline but I’m not allowed to talk about them for now. I’ll definitely keep you posted.

What will be special about this new season of Adora Oleh Show? 
I think the flow and my style of presenting and extracting information from my celebrity guests definitely makes this show different. My interviews are like a journey through the celeb’s life; and I’m not afraid to ask anything; therefore it feels like a very frank, out-spoken, honest conversation between my celebrity guest and I.
You have one or two projects that keep you in Nigeria from time to time, like MTN Project Fame, is there a reason for not staying in Nigeria permanently? 
The entertainment industry is international. America has been very receptive to me so far and I’m very excited about the future and pursuing more television work there. Right now, I’m living and working in three different cities, it can get extremely hectic at times but as my mum told me to ‘do what you can while you can” and that ‘hard work pays’ so I’m giving it my best. I also want to make Nigeria proud of me for my international television achievements as well, just like a lot of our Nigerian musical superstars have done and continue to do. We in the entertainment industry must do our part in inspiring the next generation, its very important.

You are one of the celebrities that many look up to in terms of style. Tell us how you came to build this exceptional taste in style.
I have always enjoyed fashion. For me, it’s where your essence meets your expression. The way in which only you can do or express something; and I think, in relation to fashion it’s the making of a particular style, shape, appearance, pattern, print or even structure appear to be in vogue; and as a follower of fashion, I know my body shape and I like to show off my best assets and own it.

We notice you wear mostly dresses, is it a fashion item you have special love for?
(Smiles) I’d have to say that I love dresses, and dressing up. Although, it can be a bit of an occupational hazards at times, as I need so many when I record The Adora Oleh Show and when co-hosting Project Fame; but when I’m abroad and because of the change in climate, I definitely explore the different sides of my personal style.

Your face looks like that of a goddess, how does that make you feel?
Wow! Really? That is such a compliment. I’m always extremely flattered to hear such compliments, but for me, its important to work on ones inner beauty as well; being humble, modest, kind and considerate are just some of the attributes that enhance ones beauty. Having a beautiful face with a smelly attitude is a waste of God’s work.