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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Actor Victor Osuagwu Explains Why He Got Married In A Truck

Here is what actor Victor Osuagwu told Leadership magazine about his wife and marriage.

  • Why did it take you almost 14 years before taking your wife to the altar? 
  • Some people even said it was because I didn’t have money to organise the wedding. But to me, it was a deliberate act. It was a promise made to God that when he blesses me I’m going to celebrate my marriage in a very big way. I don’t  owe my in-laws, everything about marriage was done in 2002 but I promised God that if he keeps me alive by the time my last born would be five years old, I would celebrate my marriage, alongside my children. And that was exactly what I did immediately my last born clocked five. 
  • What motivated you to have your wedding in a truck? 
  • That was my own way of entertaining people because the entertainment must continue and that is my job as a comic actor. I must apply all the tactics within my disposal to make my fans happy. It is not only on screen that I can make people smile and laugh. I felt that I could also achieve same without being on TV. I was using the occasion to celebrate my wife having endured for a long time waiting for me. I made my fans realise that I’m a core entertainer on and off the screen. Port Harcourt knew that someone was wedding on that day.