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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Sunday Message: Engaging The Miracle Power Of Impartation - Bishop David Oyedepo

30th June 2013 ---- Winners Chapel Otta

minister: Bishop David Oyedepo

Message: Engaging the miracle power of impartation -- Psalm 74:10-12

There must be a desperation of soul by anyone who wants to encounter the power of Go -- Psalm 63:3,
# What is Impartation
* Impartation is the spiritual platform for duplication and multiplication of Grace
* Impartation is the tangible transmission of the power of God through the man of God --- Acts 19:12
* Impartation is the spiritual gift to the end that you may be estblished, a platform for spiritual endowment from the carrier to the disciples. Acts3:6
* Impartation is the transmission of the power of God to hpHis disciples through His Anointed. -- Luke 7:13-16
* Impartation delivers only through Faith. Faith is our master access. Matthew 10:3, Mark 6:5
* Impartation is inaccessible without Faith.
* Sit down and connect with the word of God to be able to partake out of the blessing of God.  Phil.1:7
# Channels of Impartation
* Through the word of God. --- Romans 1:16
* Through Prophetic word. --- Ezekiel 37:1-7, Deutronomy 34:9
* Through the Prophetic mantle, because the anointing of the priest flows through to the mantle. Everything they carry pass through to what they touch. -- Psalm 45:6-8, Matthew 14:36.
# What is the Mantle. -- 2 kings 2:8,14-15
* The prophetic Mantle connects you to The power of God.
# What is in the Mantle?
* The overflowing priestly anointing of the
# What is it that makes the Mantle work
* Believe in the mistery of the prophetic anointing
* Believe in the carrier of the mantle. Matthew 10:40-42
* We must maintain integrity of power for the Mantle to work.
* You must have a clean heart for the anointingof the Mantle to work in your life .-- 2 Kings 24.
you must know what you lack otherwise you may remain in need. 1 Corinthians 2:9