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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Story Of The Student In OAU Who Tried To Flush New Baby In Toilet

OAU student gives birth & attempts to flush new born baby down the toilet in school hostel
I know most of you must have read about the story already, but here is the details regarding the issue.

A female student of OAU gave birth in the Moremi Hostel hall toilet and attempted to flush the baby but was caught my the hall cleaners.

She said to be a part 4 Elect Elect student, her name is Oyin (surname withheld), She woke up at the early hours of this morning and went into the toilet to poo.

But she discovered that she was bleeding on entering the toilet. Of course she must have known that she was pregnant, the pregnancy was seven months gone.

A student that stays on that floor went to use the toilet and heard someone groaning, according to her, she thought the girl was trying to abort the pregnancy. She was there for over 2hours. 

The cleaner got suspicious and asked her to come out but she refused and locked herself in instead.

then she heard the sound of a baby's cry and she quickly went to call other cleaners around and they forced the door open.

When the cleaners entered the toilet they saw the student pouring water inside the closet, the baby turned upside down, with the head inside the closet, and covered with feaces and blood.

One of the women dipped her hand inside and removed the baby…a boy, who was still very much alive but bleeding from the nose. 

The girl had already lost a lot of blood but was too ashamed to come out of the toilet cos she didn't want the crowd that had gathered to see her face so her room mates got a wrapper to cover her face.

The cleaners called school management who rushed both the girl and the baby to Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital for treatment. The placenta fell while they were rushing the girl to the hospital.

The guy responsible is said to be a part 4 Mech Engr. student and they both attend the same fellowship.