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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Ireland Baldwin Addresses Paris Jackson's Suicide Attempt

This is how ET is reporting it.....

Following Paris Jackson's suicide attempt last week, Ireland Baldwin
reached out to the teenage daughter of Michael Jackson, which she
exclusively discussed with ET at her Elle photo shoot.
Of her comments to Jackson via Twitter, the model daughter of Alec
Baldwin and Kim Basinger tells ET:

"I think she is a gorgeous girl. She's one of the most beautiful girls
her age I've ever seen. It saddens me to see her going through
something like that. ... All of us, no matter who you are, get tons of
Twitter negativity and there are some people that say horrific things
but she just shouldn't mind them. Paris has so many people that
support her."

Baldwin also reveals that she has experienced bullying in her own
life, and explained how she responded to it.

"We've all been teased and had our hair pulled now and then. .... I
have gone through things with girls and I think it takes time and
maturity to say 'OK, they are going to say this about me and they are
going to comment on how I look...and are always going to have an
opinion' and it's best to just shut it out."

Paris truly has friends to support. I hope she gets through this faze faster.