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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Interview: Stephanie Okereke Linus On Why Her Marriage Held In France

Nollywood actress Stephanie Okere Linus was rumored lastyear of being
pregnant with first child for her husband of one-year. In this recent
interview Stephanie addresses the rumors and also explained the reason
why her marriage was held in France.

Sometime in December, rumours swirled that you were pregnant. How did
youtake this?

"It's a good thing. That means they (Nigerians)are praying for me to
pop out the little ones. Yeah, thelittle ones are coming soon, but you
know, everything is in God's hands and I'll have a baby when I'm
supposed to have a baby. I am definitely not under any kind of
pressure. We wish for it to happen and of course it's going to

Why did you choose to have your wedding in Paris?

"We just wanted something different. If it was in Nigeria, it would
have been a real carnival but we wanted something serene. The love is
a little bit sweeter in Paris, you know it can be hard in Nigeria
(laughs). He feels he is a King and I'm a Queen, that is what we call
ourselves, and we wanted to have this whole royal thingy going and we
knew that we wouldn't get that serenity in Lagos. We also wanted our
families to bond, we wanted our parents to experience something new,
to travel and relax. It was special to us and we wanted everyonearound
us to have special memories. We wanted something spiritual and divine.
Not like we couldn't get it here, but we wanted something to look back
at with joy. We wanted to do us."

Despite the fact that it was adestination wedding, you had a good
number of family and friends from Nigeria join you.

"It was just God showing himself. We told God that we wanted to get
married in Paris and He should give us a sign if we should do Paris.
And He gaveus a sign. Arik Air donated one full return flight to us at
no cost. Also, Air France gave us good discounts on ticketsand the
Embassy was really helpful with visas. It's the grace of God that gets
us things like that."