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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Interview: "I prefer white men to Nigerian men" - Cynthia Agholor

In this chat with Showtime Celebrity, Nollywood actress Cynthia
Agholor opens up on variety of scandals trailing her career and why
she prefers dating a white guy to a black man.....

You once dated a White guy and there was an interview where you said
you regretted dating a White guy…

(Cuts in) that was years ago. Did I ever say I regretted dating the
guy? That was a long time ago and now that I am more mature I will say
White guysare better. For one, they wouldn't break your heart
unnecessarily. If you want me to compare I will say White guys are
better lovers because of their truthfulness.

What if we look at the difference between the two in bed. Which would
you say is better?

(Laughing) oh, what a question! Well, it depends on how you go about
it. A man is a man. I am not saying that Black men are not blessed
naturally more than the whites. They seem to be more endowed but then
it still depends on how you go about it. You can get whatever you want
from the white man depending on how you goabout it.

What's your idea of sex generally. How often should it be done?

I think sex is good when someone is married. You know, you do it
without fear of committing a sin or committing adultery. Sex is
something every couple , married couple, should do, probably,
everyday, I don't know, probably every time they are moved to do it.
Sex has the real pleasure when you are doing it without any form of
fear. I'm not saying unmarried people should not engage in sex because
there is nothing I will say that will make them stop but somebody like
me, every time I do it I always feel bad that I'm sinning against God.
Even before sex I feel frigid because there is always that looming
fear that I'm not doing what is right. That is for me,I don't know
about any other person. If I'm married to the man then I will feel
very free and enjoy it very well.

Can you marry a married man like some of your colleagues in the
industry are doing?

Oh, what a question! I wouldn't marry a married man because the man is
married. I can only marry such a man if he is divorced. If the man is
divorced he is no longer married, then I can marry him with or without
children. There is nothing wrong in a man having children. If the
person is nice and we are compatible, why not?I don't mind.

There was a rumour some time ago that you fought with Cossy Orjiakor
in public and got yourselves stripped?

That was a very big lie but then what do I do. I heard it but had to
overlook it because that was a very big lie. Even at the end of the
day, the personthat wrote the story came to apologise to me. The
journalist said she just wanted to make noise. For me, it's a bygone,
I wouldn't do that with anyone let alone Cossy. Cossy is my friend. I
never had a fight with even my enemy.

The report was trying to paint a picture that you and Cossy were in
competition with each other over whose boobs are bigger and finer…

(laughing): I never knew that. I think Iam hearing that for the first
time. Cossy is my friend. We never quarrelled even during the time we
lived together. At a time, she was staying with me and later moved
into her own house. When some people see two people being friends they
just imagine things and write stuffs about them. Me and Cossy are
still friends till date.