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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Miracle! Woman Found Alive Under 17 Days Old Collapsed Building!

For many days, rescue workers plowing through the site of last month
April's building collapse in Bangladesh had the grim task of pulling
out body after body of dead people, some already decomposing.
But on Friday, as the operation wound down, they miraculously found a
survivor. Crews digging through the rubble heard a woman'ssoft voice
pleading for help: I'm alive. Please rescue me ...
According to Capt. Ibrahim Islam, a Bangladeshi military official
outside the site of the recovery operation, they extracted the woman
in an operation that last about one hour.
Crowds converged to pray for the woman as rescuers rushed her to a
hospital. Her name is Reshma. And she's the last person to come out
alive, several days after they started removing dead bodies.
The rescue of Reshma comes more than two weeks after a
nine-storey-building in a Bangladesh complex housing factories full of
garment workers caved in, becoming South Asia's deadliest industrial