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Saturday, 11 May 2013

"I often cook for my husband" - Omoni Oboli

Popular Nollywood actress, Omoni Oboli, turns heads whenever she steps out on the red carpet. The pretty actress told Saturday Beats that she believes her husband feels proud when she steps out and people admire her.
She said, “My husband feels good when I step out for a red carpet event and other men admire me. Everyone likes to show off something that they like and something they think is beautiful. I think it is a good feeling for him.”
Having been a chorister in the past, music is a familiar terrain for her.
“I’m not saying I will go into singing, but never say never; I was in the choir when I was growing up,” she said.
She told Saturday Beats that although she maintains a tight schedule, she cooks for her husband as often as she can but not every night.
The actress said, “My husband is very supportive so it makes life a lot easier for me. I try to give my family quality time when I have time. I cook for my husband often; of course not every night. I do so most times when I’m around and he wants something special. We have somebody who cooks for us. I wouldn’t deny that. If he wants something special, then I’ll prepare it. If I feel I need to do something special for them. I like to bake for them a lot. So I do that often.”
A representative of Enough is Enough Nigeria, an NGO aimed at getting a positive change in the country, Oboli decalred that she would use her status to sensitise people to the power of their vote.
“I think Nigeria is a great country with a lot of potential, I represent Nigeria. My role in representing Enough is Enough is to use the goodwill that I have gathered from people who believe in me to make sure that when the time comes to get together and vote for a leader, we will actually go out to vote. Last year, what we did was to have a massive campaign to tell people to vote.
“You want a better leader and you are not doing anything about it. You have to come out, make sure you vote and when you do, you have to protect you vote, stay and wait for it to be counted so that you will know that your vote counts. That is my role in this,” she said.
Going down memory lane, she told Saturday Beats that her first kiss scene in a movie was with dark-skinned actor, Desmond Elliot. She stated that she did not feel uneasy doing so as they were both professionals.
The delectable actress also described Figurine as one movie she would not forget acting in a hurry. It remains the most stressful movie she has done so far, according to Omoni.
“My first kiss movie was in Unfinished Business and that was in 2007 or 2008, I am not sure. It was okay. It was with Desmond Elliot. It was make-believe so there was nothing to feel uneasy about. We are both actors, so we both know what we are doing. The viewers saw it and thought it was amazing and that is the most important thing.
“Figurine got me dirty; I was dragged down the stairs. It wasn’t easy. The Figurine shoot is one of the most tedious I have ever had. It was the most stressful shoot I have ever had. The high budget was mostly the technical part of it, but the shoot itself was so stressful, it was unbelievable,” she said.