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Monday, 15 April 2013

Paris Jackson Plans To Restore Neverland

Two years ago when Paris Jackson paid a visit to the ranch, she find
the famous ferris wheel was removed.

"I cried and cried," said Paris."It's beautiful there. It still has
good energy."

According to Event magazine , 15-year-old Paris Jackson wants to
restore her late father's Neverland ranch for sick and underprivileged
kids to use and enjoy.
Though it's not going to be easy, the young actress plans to start the
project as soon as she's an adult.

Paris also revealed she's planning to honor her late father by having
the wordsof a note he left to her tattooed on her wrist in the future.

"I have lots of memories of my father," said Paris.
"He was an incredible father. We all loved him to death. He'd try to
educate us as much as he could and was always looking out for us. He
was very protective."

She explained why Jackson made his children wear masks when they were
out in public.

'He didn't want anyone to see what we looked like.

'That way we could have what he didn't, which was a normal childhood,' she said.

Her ambition is to be a heart surgeon.

'I want to help people, that's its,' she said.