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Friday, 19 April 2013

Official Statement From

From human kidnapping to internet site robbery/kidnapping.... What's
Please don't pay any ransom. Or this will turn to a new business. Read
the official statement below.....

"Yesterday, our primary domain was compromised by
internet hackers, who criminally gained access to our servers and
illegally took possessionof our identity.
We are convinced this is a calculated attack by detractors to unsettle
and distract us, knowing our third anniversary (April 26) is just
around the corner, as well as the inaugural Nigerian Entertainment
Conference holding next Friday.
This incident occurred in the early morning of Thursday April 18, and
thehijackers immediately followed up with an email, announcing their
operation and demanding $1,200 ransom to reclaim our property.
Theyhave since sent other emails, and made fresh requests, which we
are reviewing with our lawyers, registrars and IT team.
It is the first time since we registered the domain in 2009, that such
security breach would occur. And even though we considered our
readers, advertisers and partners, our management took a firm decision
not to engage with the criminals.
After careful considerations, we decided yesterday, that we will not
be negotiating with the hijackers, that we will not bow to these cheap
internet terrorists. And we will definitely not be paying the
requested ransom money ($900 as at their last email).
Not only would doing otherwise set a wrong precedent for our growing
industry, it would absolutely contradict everything this newspaper
stands for.
We decided instead, to work with our registrar, our in –house IT team,
and consultants to legitimately reclaim our domain, while setting up a
new destination – www.thenetng.netas our home until this is resolved.
We are aware this may take some time, but it is a sacrifice we are
willing to make.
As you read this, all our other domains, including .net, .info.
.tv,.org, are up and running, with our full database and all
feeds intact.
We thank our friends and partners, especially media colleagues for the
calls and support, as well as the many readers here and abroad for
their patience during this time.
Please enjoy our content on, and tell your friends of
our new but temporary home.
All those interested in registering or finding out about the Nigerian
Entertainment Conference holding on Friday April 26, can email their
details to
Thanks for your time. Thanks for your understanding."

Ayeni Adekunle