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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Mercy's Mum Speaks Out

In an interview with Nollywood Insider, Mercy Johnson's mum has this to say:

"God has finally silenced our enemies. Those who thought my daughter
would not marry Odi have failed, thanks to the almighty God that I
serve. They tried but could not prevail over what God has destined.
We are going to welcome them in a big way. As you can see, we have
started preparation to receive them. Things are been bought. The Aso
Ebi will be bought soon and when they come, they will choose the
pattern they prefer. Purity is my 14th grandchild. She will be taken
to Uromi before coming to Lagos then I will be ready to take care of
my baby.I was to go to USA with them, but I could not since my husband
was not well then. But now, all is well."