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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

"Marriages is a two way thing" - Actress Joke Silva

Nollywood veteran actress, Joke Silva who is happpily married to ace
actor, Olu Jacobs – in a recent interview with Nollywood Insider had
this to say about the high rate of divorce in Nollywood.
"Long surviving marriage is not exceptional in this industry.
The thing is that, we are the ones that people know. Sony Irabor and
Betty; John Momoh and Shola; and Bayo Oduneye have been married much
longer. What of the late Justus and his wife? We have marriages that
have stood the test of time just like you will find in other
For me, since you love the person you get married to, both of you
should work at it together. See it as your main responsibility once
you get married.
Even before you get married, you should ask yourself, am I capable of
making this person my total responsibility? That, am I willing to
dedicate my time to making this person happy? It is a two way thing;
it is not only the woman that is supposed to make the man happy, it is
also for the man to make the woman happy. It is the two of you
together and when you do that, it will work out well.
But if not, I don`t support emotional hardship just because you want
to marry. God forbid bad thing! If it is not working, get out fast. If
you don't know where you are going, you should know where you are
coming from."