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Saturday, 6 April 2013

Inyanya's True Story

Inyanya bears it all to Nigeriafilms, about how he lost his parents
mysteriously, and the painfull death of his elder brother, who died
after a fatal accident.

according to him....

"I am thankful, because I know they are somewhere better and they left
a whole lots of things for me. My late mum made me realize that there
is nothing really in this world than just being a good person. I have
been trying to live with that, even though I can't please everybody.
My Dad also taught me to be responsible for every action I take as an
adult. I am just living with what they left for me. I mean, their
prayers and words still linger.
``My parents are late now. May their souls rest in peace, I grew up
with them and I got 100 percent love from them. They died in 2008,
before my Project Fame exploit. It's a long story to go into how they
died; I don't wantto talk about it. My mum died at the age of 42 and
my dad died at 50.
I know their death came too early andit happened in ways I don't like
to talk about. It's not a thing that makes me happy. But it's a lesson
for me now. I am trying to live a good life.
My parents are not the only people I have lost; I have also lost my
elder brother, who died recently as well. Hehad an accident as a kid
and since then we had been battling with it, but he died recently. He
died the same period my parents did. It's so painful but I have to
move on,'' he said.