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Sunday, 28 April 2013

"I want t marry my friend" - Empress Njamah

Read an excerpt below..

{What's new about Empress Njamah?}

I have House of Empress Boutique based in Abuja, I have a spa and I
have a saloon. I've been working on so many things, my brands, loads
andloads of travelling too. At my free time, I do one or three movies
and I'm working on two more. They keepshifting because my movement no
dey pure (laughs).
You see one thing with the movie; it's always there. But what people
don't understand is that we also need a lot to fall back on. And then
it's not easy to bring out something like that, you just let it be.
You have to work in it. So far, it is standing. I have a branch in
Abuja. I also have another one in Wuse 2. I will be coming to Lagos
sometime soon. Lagos is clustered for me, but it's not an excuse. I'm
still working on Lagos.I still need a lot of people to psyche me on
that because it is one place that I want to do this thing, but
thereare loads of competition in Lagos.
And then a lot of people don't want to do their stuff, but when they
see you doing well with your stuff, they want to get into your stuff.
Do you understand? So, I'm actually taking my time, but I have loads
of customers in Lagos that I bring stuffs for more than every other
place. However, I love Abuja right now.

{So what was the movie that brought you to limelight?}

The movie that gave me my breakthrough is Girls Hostel. Till tomorrow
I'm shocked that people still call me Tunika Robert. And whenI hear
it, I'm like, e don tey. At some point, I didn't remember my character
name but oh my goodness! Tunika Robert.

{As an entrepreneur what was it like starting off at the initial stage?}

Initially, it was not that easy but let me tell you something about
life. If you're doing something that you love, and you are making
money out of it, it's a plus. I love the movie. I love to act. It's
just like they are paying me for my hobby. I love fashion. I love it
in the sense that I love to dress people.
Alright, I was in charge as Mercy Johnson's bride and I was happy
about my work. A lot of people don't know that there are other things
I do aside that. I do bridal makeup. I tidy weddings. I try to be
adventurous with people and I don't like the regular thing. If you
come to me, I tell you straight up, if it's the regular thing I can't
help. I just did one beautiful wedding a few Saturdays ago and I got
like four other jobs from that one. So that's it. I don't have to put
it on the billboard. I'm not a loud person. I let my work speak for

{What do you do when you are not working?}

Travelling is a hobby for me. I was busy at Tuface's wedding. I was
one of the people organising things and after work, I think I used two
days to unwind. So there is always time to unwind. I'm an adventurous
and industrious person but the little time I have I make sure I spend
it well.
A lot of people don't understand that the body needs rest. I cannot do
that because body is not wood. In as much as the spirit is willing,
the body is weak. Always listen to your body. That is why a lot of
people breakout, breakdown and break up. Always know that the body
needs rest.

{As one who is brilliant, beautiful and curvy, why are you still single?}

I'm gonna say this alright; I don't care how people take it, the days
when marriages were sweet and all beautiful are no more. If you listen
tohow your parents got married and how those days it was sweet, it's
not like that anymore. I've escorted a lot of people into marriages, I
won't say I've escorted them out but I've witnessed them come out of
So psychologically it's not good for people and then being what we
are, a lot of people think because she's this, because she has that I
don't think I will be able to handle them. A lot of people can't stand
an industrious woman especially if she's doing well. It's the
mentality ofthe people. If a man looks at me, I'm a car freak alright.
I have five cars and I'm not doing it because I'm trying to show off,
a lot of people don't even know that they are my cars. Empress-Njamah
But I'm trying to be honest with you and I'm always trying to say it
the way it is, not minding whatever. If a man comes and says because
of blablabla, he cannot handle me, then he shouldn't bother. Every
woman's dream is to get married but it's not just to get married but
to get married to your friend. I want to marry my friend.

{And have you met your friend?}

I'm yet to meet my friend. If I meet my friend and I know that he is
my friend, I don't think that question should actually pop up because
what am I doing if I've met my friend? If I've met my friend I will
get married. And then, I'm this type of person thateven if I meet my
friend; I don't wantto have a fairy tale wedding.


Yes, don't judge a book by its cover. People always look at Empress oh
she's flashy. She's this and that. Trust me; I'm the simplest person
you can ever meet. I'm playful, I'm jovial, and I'm interesting. I'm
not blowing my trumpet. But I don't have a dull moment.