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Friday, 19 April 2013

"I Expose My Skin And Get Paid Handsomely For It" singer Adokiye

Until early this year when she posed semi-nude for a New York based
magazine, Adokiye Kyrian Yvonne a.k.a Adokiye is relatively unknown in
the nation's music scene.
In this recent chat, she talks about the photo spread and lots more...

{Early this year, you posed semi-nude in a New York based magazine.
What was the attraction?}

It actually got leaked. I did some modelling jobs while I was in New
York and at that point in time, some pictures leaked while the process
was still going on. Yes, I posed for some shots, but I never really
posed nude. I didn't expose my private part as a woman. That I exposed
my skin doesn't mean I posed nude. I am an architect by training and
creativity is part of my daily routine. So, I didn't pose nude because
I didn't expose my private part.

{We learnt, you were paid handsomely for the job?}

Officially, I was paid the sum of$200,000 and a G Wagon Mercedes Benz
car for the photo spread in the magazine.

{Do you ever regret posing nude?}

I have never for once regretted anything I have done in the past. But
atthe end of the day, I just want people to believe in me that I have
got a lot tooffer to my fans.

{Were your parents pleased when they saw your nude pictures?}

My parents are highly understanding people. They know the kind of
daughter they have and they also know that whatever I'm doing today
doesn't affect me both psychologically and physically. So, they always
supportme in anything I'm doing.

{What were you doing in New York?}

New York is like a second home to me. I travel to New York once in a while.

{There was this rumour that you were dating W4. Is it true?}

No, we were never in any relationship. But we were just friends and he
was a colleague too.